Osteoporosis and the Role of Physical Therapy

October 12, 2012: One out of every two women, and one in four men, over the age of 50 has low bone density and is at risk for bone fracture associated with osteoporosis.

In this interview, a physical therapist describes the differences between osteoporosis, osteopenia, and osteoarthritis, and she outlines how a physical therapist can design an exercise routine to build bone density and improve balance to avoid damaging falls, among other topics.

Sherri R. Betz, PT, GCS, CEEAA, PMA-CPT, specializes in exercise programs for older adults. She is chair of the American Physical Therapy Association’s bone health special interest group and chair of the Pilates Method Alliance research committee. She has been the physical therapist for the San Jose Sharks, nationally ranked pairs and singles figure skaters, and elite-level gymnasts.
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