Success Story: Physical Therapy Returns Woman to “Old Self” After Brain Tumor

June 21, 2016: Helo Matzelle ignored the ringing in her ears until that sound was joined by voices in her head. What she hoped might be a small problem wasn’t: Helo had a brain tumor.

Surgery to remove the tumor was successful, but it was not without complication. Helo experienced brain swelling, and at one point had to have her body packed in ice just to keep her alive. Once Helo stabilized, a second life-saving process began — an effort to return Helo back to the woman she was before the tumor.

With the help of her therapy team, Helo learned to sit up again, and then walk again, and slowly but surely she was able to regain her independence.

In this episode of Move Forward Radio, she shares her experience of returning to her “old self.”

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