Gabby Reece Chooses Physical Therapy, Not Opioids, After Knee Replacement

December 19, 2016: What you might know about Gabrielle “Gabby” Reece is that she is a former professional beach volleyball player, a TV personality, a New York Times bestselling author, a model, and a fitness advocate.  She embodies what it means to live a full and active life.  What you might not know about Gabby is that she has an artificial knee. 

In April 2016, after many years of living with the pain from an arthritic knee, Gabby underwent knee replacement surgery. Since then, Gabby has been on the road to recovery, with the goal of not only returning to her physically active lifestyle, but also improving it.  It’s a journey she’s making with the help of physical therapy and, except for during the period immediately following surgery, without the use of prescription opioids.

In this episode of Move Forward Radio, Gabby discusses her approach to staying in shape, the difference between discomfort and pain, her opioid-free approach to pain management, and her goals for the future. 

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